Preparations II – Get Ready To Serve Sweet Corn

When ordering your sweet corn for your corn roasting event, specify a bi-color sweet corn. Bi-color is typically a better quality of sweet corn.

Remove all the long leafy and loose husks (they are called flags). Any long leafy husk will turn to ash and float out the top of corn roaster, making for a messy site.

Make sure you leave at least five layers of husk on your sweet corn. Break off long stalks, but leaveĀ 1″ to 2″ attached to the cob. By doing this, the customer has something to hold on too.

Preheat the Roast-O-Matic for 15 minutes.

Place ears of corn within the confines of the baskets. When corn reappears it’s done. Unload sweet corn into coolers (roasted corn will keep at peek quality and flavor for half an hour).

This method allows you to have the roasted sweet corn readily available for your customers.